Business Name Tip #3!

Naming Tip #3: Using a foreign word as your business name

People innately have a fascination with things that appear foreign, intriguing, or sophisticated. When choosing a cool business name, you can use this fascination to your benefit. Companies have been using this naming strategy for decades. Some companies choose words that sound foreign, such as Fuji, Hyundai, HäagenDazs, or Audi. Choosing a foreign word as your name can elevate your company persona and give you the separation you need from the rest of the industry.

Other companies attach themselves to names that sound fairly ordinary, but that have intriguing and/or foreign meanings. Consider the names Kia Motors (“Kia” means Rising from Asia” in Hanja), Samsung (meaning “three stars” in Korean), or even Nike (based on the Greek goddess of Victory). Choosing a cool business name that is also captivating and mysterious will leave consumers wanting to know more. Once you have their attention, you can let your product speak for itself.

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