Naming Strategy #2: Choose a name that is completely made-up

When attempting to choose a name for your business, it can seem like all the good ones are already taken. Yes, there are millions of companies in the world, some with very cool business names. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t join the fold. Choosing a name that gives your business a unique and captivating persona is paramount to your success. If names based on existed words doesn’t feel right, why not come up with your own?

It doesn’t take long for some made up words to become household names. Think Skype, Zynga, or Hulu. Those names have become engrained in society’s consciousness, but they started out as nothing more than creative nonsense. Choosing a made up name can be the right way to go for businesses that want to create a distinctive identity. Once you choose the name, it is then up to you to breathe life into it. There wasn’t much to the word Zynga until the video game company made it come alive. There’s nothing stopping you from doing the exact same thing with your own cool business name. Unleash your creativity and see how high you can fly.