Naming Tip #1!

Naming Tip #1: Choosing a name based on commonly recognized words

Take a minute to think about some of the most popular names in today’s society. Many of them are based on common words that have been combined into compounds. Think Snapchat, FedEx, or Instagram. All of these company names were derived from the combination of two existing words (or parts thereof). Using existing words to create a fresh, new name can help you create quick brand recognition and recall. Consumers are already aware of the base words, so your name will utilize that existing association.

In order to persuade a consumer to visit your business, you need to capture their attention. This feat has become harder and harder as technological advances have made the transfer of information easier. Consumers now see and hear hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas per day. How can you possibly compete with that? The answer is starts with your name. Your business needs a moniker that can find its way through that mass of information so you can reach your potential customers. Choosing a name based on commonly recognized words can be a way to do that. Using existing words does not mean you still can’t have a cool business name, it just takes a bit of creativity.

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