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How to Pick the Right Business Name

What’s in a Name? Picking the right name for your business is perhaps the most important part of establishing and running a business because it establishes your identity to your customers and your competitors. A minor mistake in selecting can lead you to you a lawsuit and a small adjustment might just earn you some […]

GoPro, Bose, and DJI: The Story and Values That Inspire Business Name Selection

Business owners tend to select names for their companies based on what they bring to the marketplace. An example of this is Kentucky Fried Chicken, which mentions the product. Other company name selections may be more strategic and complex, depending on their vision and goals, inspired by symbols and ideas. Whatever the concept behind their […]

Naming Strategy #2: Choose a name that is completely made-up

When attempting to choose a name for your business, it can seem like all the good ones are already taken. Yes, there are millions of companies in the world, some with very cool business names. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t join the fold. Choosing a name that gives your business a unique and […]

Naming Strategy #1: Don’t name the company after yourself

It can be very tempting to name your new business after yourself. After all, who doesn’t want to see their name up in lights. Letting everyone know that you are the owner of your particular business, however, will likely not have any discernable impact on your success. Instead, choose a cool business name that defines […]

Business Name Tip #3!

Naming Tip #3: Using a foreign word as your business name

People innately have a fascination with things that appear foreign, intriguing, or sophisticated. When choosing a cool business name, you can use this fascination to your benefit. Companies have been using this naming strategy for decades. Some companies choose words that sound foreign, such as Fuji, Hyundai, Häagen–Dazs, or Audi. Choosing a foreign word as […]