Name Repetition

Naming Tip #2: Utilize alliteration and repetition

In today’s business world, you have a finite amount of time to connect with your customers. In order to make the most of that opportunity, you need to hit the consumer hard and fast. Choosing a cool business name that utilizes alliteration and repetition can achieve the results you are looking for. You need to think outside the box in order to make your company stand out. This literary device can help you do that.

Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds, as with the names Coca-Cola, Best Buy, or Rolls-Royce. Our brains have an easier time remembering things it hears more than one time. Building alliteration into your name can help build brand identity and recall. As you begin choosing a cool name for your business, considering utilizing repetition. The past success of some of the world’s most successful companies should tell you all you need to know about the possibilities of employing this strategy.

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