About Us

Few things are as important to the success of a business than its name. That is where Cool Business Names comes in. Our site was created to help you find the business name that will launch your business into the stratosphere. Is your business the next Nike or Google? Let us help you find out.

Who We Are

Cool Business Names is a company devoted to providing you with the business naming resources you need. We understand how important it is to find a cool business name for your venture, and that is exactly what we hope to do. In particular, we can:

  • Help you find a cool name for your business
  • Help you separate yourself from the rest of the industry
  • Give your company the opportunity to create a strong brand identity
  • Provide you with naming tips and strategies

Let Us Help You

At Cool Business Names, we want to help you find the perfect name for your company. Don’t get lost in the sea of existing companies. Be unique and daring. Your business deserves it.

“Your brand is a gateway for your true work.” ~ Dave Buck

Launch your business name!