"Sometimes all the ''marketing'' insight in the world can''t move a client, but the creation of a truly great brand name can become a billion-dollar idea!"
George Lois
- Director, Designer, Author

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"They have a steady stream of names published to their site on a daily basis and I see lots of them sold every day as well. Like all the other reviews here say, I highly recommend them for your next business name. Thank you again Brandroot for your fast and reliable service."
Dave G.
Dave G.
"Finding such a name for your business can be a real pain, and can give rise to many sleepless nights. Brandroot takes that pain away! They''ve done all the thinking for me - a very speedy and very professional service when you''re starting a new business and want to get off the ground fast!"
Carrie K.
Carrie K.
"Michael and his team at Brandroot provided an outstanding domain and logo for my business! I had an excellent experience working with them. They were very prompt in responding to my needs and handled all my questions and concerns with absolute professionalism."
Richard R
Richard R

Be cool and name your business the smart way!

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So why a cool name?

Cool Names Mascot - Monkey

“The first lesson of branding: memorability. It’s very difficult buying something you can’t remember.” ~ John Hegarty

Why should you choose a cool business name for your company? It is fairly simply. A cool business name will separate you from the rest of the industry. Consumers are barraged with a myriad of business names on a daily basis. From household names to struggling businesses, consumers often experience advertising overload. Choosing a cool name for your company will allow you to stand out from the crowd. When a consumer is in the process of deciding where to go to get their needs met, you want your company name on their mind.

It is a proven fact that cool business names adhere themselves to the memories of consumers. Creating brand recognition and recall is vital for a new business. A bland and ordinary name will be quickly dismissed by the brain and will therefore not be available for recollection. On the other hand, a cool business name will stand out and stay on the tip of your consumer’s tongues. That is where you want your business name to stay.


Cool Requires Fear!

Do It Anyway!“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a COURAGEous decision.” ~ Peter F. Drucker

It takes courage and fortitude to start a business and the naming process is no different. Why do all the work of creating your own business venture just to go the safe route when naming it? The most successful men and women in the business world are those that were willing to take a leap of faith and jump head (and heart) first into a company they believed in. It can be tempting to avoid the road less traveled and take the path already covered in footsteps, but that is not what your business needs.


Giving your company a cool and unique business name will put you in the best position to obtain the levels of success you are looking for. Think outside the box – jump into the unknown. Your business will do much better if you are able to separate it from the pack. Choosing a cool business name can be just the vehicle necessary to help you accomplish that goal.


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